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Making the Difference Between an Outcome You Can Live With and One You Can't

If you face serious criminal charges, you need a lawyer who understands the court system where your case will be tried. When your future is at risk, the attorney who sits beside you can make the difference between an outcome you can live with and one that you can't.

I am Nebraska criminal defense lawyer Michael Stageman. I have handled thousands of criminal cases. I know what prosecutors need to put a case together. I also know how to take that case apart from a defense point of view. From my Headquarters in Omaha, I represent people throughout Nebraska who are looking for the highest possible level of defense. 

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A DUI is a criminal offense that is not to be taken lightly. Accepting DUI charges can have a harsh lasting and significant impact on your future.

Michael Stageman focuses on DUI cases and uses his immense knowledge base and experience to fight your case.  Our aim is always to reduce or dismiss the charges against our clients.

Michael Stageman
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Michael Stageman is a 2017 Midwest Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award Winner



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Reduce Your Charges

It is possible to defeat a DUI

There are many unique strategies we can use to fight your charges. Call us to discuss your best options.

Achieve Your Best Case Result

We are known for our meticulous attention to detail and analyze every factor in your case from beginning to end

We’ve Done Thousands of Cases

Our results speak for themselves. It’s our extensive background and experience that sets us apart.

Drivers License Suspension

In Nebraska your temporary license is good for 15 days. The sooner you contact us the better.

Devise the best defense strategy

There are many routes to take a DUI case down. We determine the one with the highest chance of success.

Free Case Review

It is critical you are aware of your options when facing a DUI. We provide a free DUI case review to discuss your options.



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